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Mission statement

To help put Bury St Edmunds on the map as a cultural centre, connecting it between Cambridge and Ipswich as well as connecting rural and coastal areas.

To encourage creative development, artistic excellence, collaboration and business expansion in this area, as well as more external mentoring and collaboration with professional national and international artists eg artist in residence programmes, talks and workshops.

To inspire, cross boundaries, be all-inclusive and reach as wide an audience as possible.

To expand a diverse audience to new ideas and inspiration as well as greater understanding of the area’s heritage and conservation.

To initiate new projects to benefit the East Anglian region as well as Bury St Edmunds.


To help build an ‘arts scene’ in the area, starting with an Arts Centre that provides facilities and space for artists from all areas to work/interact/show and exchange ideas, providing essential support and critiques for further development.

Encouraging local arts related charities/groups to use the space and run workshops.

As part of this, a monthly ‘pop up’ Artists Café (working title Café Culture) for regular informal social interaction – creative coffee mornings – exchange of ideas and support in various places in the region (not confined solely to the Art Centre).

Also a membership based Arts Club to encourage visiting performers/artists to have a late night lounge bar to relax and play in after shows, as well as encourage local artists/musicians/theatre people to enjoy as a regular space for them.

To build an online creative forum with a library of creative resources to help inform and connect across the region.

A ‘What’s On’ listings guide to give good overview and be distributed widely

Designated Parisian style display units around Bury for poster displays.

To encourage communication and links with already established local venues and organisations to work together to improve the town and preserve its heritage

To help connect creative people from all backgrounds who otherwise feel cut off or sidelined by rural or coastal locations/lack of funds and resources etc.

More work to be shown or performed in a wide variety of venues and site-specific areas, especially areas currently empty or under-used

More quality arts events and national press coverage

More affordable events and activities to appeal to a broad range of people

To initiate projects and events that encourage socially inclusive connections, communication and mentoring

To build on the already established yearly Festivals (Bury Festival in May + Festival of Ideas) to expand cultural horizons and recognition