Based in the heart of Suffolk – Bury St Edmunds – Stella Keen came up with the idea for Arts Connections East to help support and promote arts and cultural development in the area.

ARTS CONNECTIONS EAST is a new cultural steering/networking group made up of representatives from various groups, businesses, venues and individuals in and around Bury St Edmunds.

We are a CIC limited by guarantee without shares aiming to link and promote exciting new creative developments for the region. ACE encourages membership from various local businesses, groups, societies, charities and individuals to join and make stronger funding applications together and sponsorship for cultural and economic growth of Bury St Edmunds and links with surrounding areas.

From this starting point, we want to look at regeneration, education, mentoring and support within these areas:

Arts and cultural events

Use of public spaces and empty buildings

Community activities and socially responsible integration projects